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Never give up – How to motivate yourself


 “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going” Beverley Sills


Anyone who watched the US Masters recently will have realised that it can all fall apart for the best of sportsmen/sportswomen.  It was too painful to watch, Rory McIlroy’s meltdown as the media were calling it.  So what happens when you are aiming towards something, doesn’t have to be the famous green jacket, maybe you are aiming to lose weight, to gain fitness to complete a half marathon, so what happens if you fall off the wagon? How will you stay motivated?

Rory Mcilroy 

My theory to this is a never give up attitude and set yourself goals.  I have on plenty occasions slipped up with my training by giving myself cheeky wee days off when I shouldn’t, eaten much more than I needed on my binge days and suffering from injury and illness which have all set me back.  But no matter what is thrown at me be it my troublesome achilles, my colitis or my pathetic food will power I have always stuck in and tried my best.  The reason?  Probably because I have a lifetime goal in mind and small goals to get me there, plus I secretly enjoy the pain and torture with fitness.  My goal is to complete triathlons and to be at my physical best in 2 years.  This blog is written to inspire you and help you set goals for yourself and how to stay motivated.

 “You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone” Percy Cerutty

 I will start with one of my favourite inspirational sportsman stories of all time by one of my favourite sportsmen.  Like Ali without a world heavyweight championship belt, Red Rum without the famous grand national wins, the world of motor racing without Michael Schumacher or Jack Nickalaus without the green jacket this man needed a grand national triumph to mark his already sporting greatness.  However it was not without trying.  I am of course talking about AP McCoy. The 14 time champion Jockey who has ridden more than 3000 winners, yet a Grand National win still remained out of his grasp that was until 2010.  AP McCoy claimed a famous victory that year after his 15th attempt on board Don’t Push It.  Although you may argue that it’s his job to race horses, this man was at the time 35 years old racing in a very dangerous sport where broken bones are the norm and where you have to be hard, brave and unbreakable.  It meant everything to him to win the national and he always believed in himself that he would win it but also trainers and race horse owners believed in him too or he would never have been given a mount that day.  So it took this highly talented sportsman 15 years to win the Grand National, to get his hands on that elusive prize, how’s that for not giving up! And in the words of the man himself ‘If you get enough goes at something and you keep going, once your in there you’ve always got a chance’

 Tony McCoy

Keeping motivated and sticking to an exercise and diet regime can be hard with demanding lives, exercise burn out, and illness being a few of the things that may interrupt our training programmes.  Do you feel that you work hard but don’t ever seem to get anywhere? If you are struggling with motivation it can be as simple as following a few simple rules of goal setting.  Whether it is running a 10k, losing a stone or increasing your strength, you have to figure out how you are going to reach your goals.  Goal setting is a process where you think about your ideal future, how you will achieve your results and how to motivate yourself to turn your vision into reality.  However goal setting doesn’t work if you don’t know what you precisely want to achieve.  So what is your ultimate goal?  Got one?  Then read on….

 “If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, but hard to beat” Herschel Walker

 Goal setting is used by top athletes, successful business people and achievers in all walks of life.  Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short term motivation.  It helps you to organize your time and focuses on your goal so that you can make the very best of your life.

 How to set your goal:

 Ask yourself this: Are there any athletic goals that you want to achieve? Do you want to lose some weight? Or do you want good health in old age? So, what steps are you going to take to achieve this? Well……..

 First you create your ‘big picture’ of what you want to do in your life (or even over the next year, 5 years etc) and identify the large scale goals that you want to achieve.  For example by the end of next year I would like to have done some triathlons so I can call myself a triathlete lol

Then, you break this down into smaller manageable chunks and targets that you can reach.  For example I have to be able to swim the distance in a sprint triathlon comfortably, I have to buy and test the kit, I have to work on my leg strength for cycling, I have to be able to complete the transitions smoothly before I enter a competition etc.

Finally, once you have a plan you start working on it to achieve these goals

 “Nothing will work unless you do” John Wooden

 Once you have set your lifetime main goal then you need to set smaller goals to achiever your ‘big’ goal.  Create a one year plan, 6 month plan and a one month plan of progressively smaller goals that should allow you to reach your ‘big’ goal.  I actually do this every month, things I need to do to reach my goal both in my career and my training and it really helps.  If I don’t manage everything that month I just put it into next months to do list.  However I try not to have more than 5 things on this list so that my mini goals are achievable.  Sometimes you may want to do weekly and daily to do lists that will help you get closer to your dream.

Kelly Holmes

A useful way of making small goals is to do SMART goals:

 Specific or Significant goals

Measurable or Meaningful goals

Attainable or Action-orientated goals

Relevant or Rewarding goals

Time or Trackable goals

 State each goal as a positive: Express your goals positively “Work on losing 2lb this week” is a much better goal than “Stop eating cake”

Be precise: Set precise goals, putting in dates, times and amounts that you have to do and try and measure them.  Keep a diary, jot everything down and when you have reached a certain goal you will feel complete satisfaction from achieving it.

Set priorities: When you have several goals, give each a priority of importance.  This helps you to avoid being overwhelmed with too much to do and helps direct your attention.

Keep small goals small: Keep the low level goals that you are working towards small and achievable.  If a goal is too large then it can seem that you will never achieve your small goals never mind your ‘big’ goal.  Plus if your gaols are small and achievable = more rewards for you.

Only set goals that you have as much control over as possible.  It can be quite disappointing when you fail to achieve a personal goal for reasons beyond your control.

Remember don’t underestimate your ability and your determination.  You can make goals too easy as well as too hard.

 Here is an example of how my goals will hopefully pan out for me:

 2 year goal: To have completed a few triathlons and be able to call myself a traithlete

12 month goal: Be able to complete all 3 disciplines together without exhaustion

6 month goal: Increase leg strength, leg power and core strength

3 month goal: Drop 7-10kg to become lighter for racing (following a diet)

1 month goal: Be able to ride my bike without falling off, be able to swim more than 2 lengths of front crawl without passing out, sort foot injury out

1 week goal: Follow new eating plan, train 4 times this week

 So maybe use the above plan for your own goals.  Change the timescale if you wish and elaborate on how you are going to achieve each goal.  Try your hardest to stick to your goal and timescale and it will give you focus and purpose.


“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking your potential” Liane Cardes

 So if you have a wobble like Rory McIlroy just keep going at the end of the day your end goal is all that matters if you have to take the long road to it with a few pit stops then so be it, but never stray from your dream and from your goal.

Keep active folks………………………………….


Well I did the great north run and absolutely loved it.  Ok so I was in pain from almost mile 1 , my hamstring and achilles ached the whole way round.  The atmosphere of this event is amazing, every runner supports another even if they don’t know you and the streets are lined with people suppporting you the whole way.  When I crossed the finish line I was exhausted and in pain but like every person who crossed that line on Sunday I was happy, I had done it!!!!

Me and my mum in our Great North Run outfits lol, well done mum x

I must thank the man who kept me going from mile 8 when I needed the extra motivation, he was dressed as Sponge Bob, but in the back of my mind I wasn’t going to get beat by someone dressed in square foam, so thank you!!!

But what I found is that this event, like many others, are not full of extra thin elite athletes.  They are full of normal people of all shapes and sizes striving to achieve their own goals.  So I would recommend this to anyone, it does not have to be a half marathon or even a run, just enter an event, this can be your goal, train for it and most of all enjoy it.

I did it in fancy dress for charity (as Robin out of Batman and Robin for help the heroes), my advice is make sure people from the sidelines know who you are, they know who you are there for, tell the world who you are, what we beleive in and why it matters.  Because when you hear your name being shouted by a stranger, in my case ‘Go on Robin’ , you will be reminded why you are there, even through the pain, why it seemed like a great idea 4 months ago.

We do these things to challenge ourselves, in memory of a loved one, for charity or for other special reasons.  All of these reasons and all of you people who enter these events deserve your moment to shine…… 🙂

Keep active folks and incase I have inspired you, you can enter the Great North Run 2011 ballot in January…. 🙂

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