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But bingo wings???

‘Bingo wings’ is now a term used a lot in the fitness world as it’s the best way to describe the flabby, wobbly bit at the back of your upper arm.  Or technically called a tricep.  Do you have fear of the Bingo Wing?  Do you know how to prevent it?  Or would you like to reduce your own wing size?

With the so called bingo wing I have seen them on ‘fit’ females and the obviously not so fit so don’t despair it seems to be a problem area for most women.  Read on and I will help you battle the bingo…..

Ok, first things first.  To tone up that area you have to start with your diet.  If it wobbles simply that is fat there.  So try your hardest to remove fat from your diet.  I don’t really think you need to me to tell you what the bad fats are, there usually the tasty treats, so just try and remove them and alcohol from your diet.  Also your main daily diet should be based around lean protein, vegetables, low fat foods, good carbs and water!!!!

So that’s the diet sorted.  The exercises I give you will help tone the area but you will have to blast the cardio machines or outdoors running to burn those calories.  Try interval training on any machine in the gym or even outside.  To do interval training you will have to do fast, hard intensity for roughly 1-2 minutes (depending on fitness levels) and a recovery period of 30 secs to 1 minute.  The idea of interval training is to push you to your limits, to push you out of your comfort zone, its meant to be hard, its meant to be tough so if you are not sweating and panting after 20 – 40 minutes of interval training then you have to work harder.

 Ok so onto the exercises for toning your triceps.  Try these exercises, lift a weight that on the last couple of reps you are really feeling it, try 3 x 8 – 20 reps of each exercise and lets work the bingo wings!!!


Tricep extension

 Tricep extension:

With your feet shoulder width apart, back straight and stomach tight.  Hold a weight in both hands behind your head.  You are looking to keep your elbows next to your ears.  Extend your lower arm up so that you arms arm straight above your head.  Bend at the elbow and return to the starting position.  It is important to keep your upper arm still and let the lower arm do the work.

Do 3 x 8 – 12 of these


Tricep dips

 Tricep dips:

This exercise can be performed in the comfort of your own home by the way!!  So find a sturdy bench or chair and have your hands and fingers pointing the same way as your toes.  You can have your legs bent, legs straight or even your legs elevated on another bench/chair (this is more advanced).  Bend your elbows back and lower your bum to the floor.  You are looking to keep your bum and back as close to the bench/chair as possible to ensure you use your triceps.  To return to the start position simply straighten your arms.  Complete 3 sets of 15-20 reps


Tricep kickbacks

 Tricep Kickback:

Kneeling on a chair or a bench with one knee, support your body with the hand of the same side.  Start with the weight in the other hand in at your arm pit, elbow tucked into your ribs, back straight and tummy tucked in tight.  Extend your lower arm back so your arm is straight by your side.  It is very important to keep your upper arm still and let the lower arm do the work.  Bend your elbow and bring the weight back to your arm pit to return to the starting position.  Repeat this exercises 3 x 8 – 12 on each side.


Tricep Pushdown

 Tricep Pushdown:

This should be performed on a cable machine or a lat pulldown machine.  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, back straight and tummy in tight.  Tuck your elbows into your ribs and keep them there.  Push down on the handle and straighten your arms.  Bend at the elbow and bring the lower arm back up to the start position.  Always keep your upper arm still and let your lower arms do the work.  Repeat this exercise 3 x 8 – 12 reps.


Full tricep press ups

 Tricep Press up:

This is a killer of an exercise.  It can be performed on your knees if you can not perform a ‘normal’ press up on your toes.  Have your hands so they are shoulder width apart.  They should be much narrower than when you are doing a normal press up.  Bend at the elbows, making sure the go back the way and that your elbows are close to your ribs, and bring your chest to the floor.  It is very important to keep your back strong and straight and tummy in tight as this will support you.  Straighten your arms to return to the starting position. 


Kneeling tricep press up

Keep active folks………………

Increase your core strength without 100’s of sit ups


sit ups

Time for a change from sit ups


Your core muscles have a lot to do with your posture.  In today’s society a lot of us spend time sitting (or slouching) in front of computers, tv’s, driving cars and leaning over things which can put a lot of stress on your lower back and effects your posture and how you hold yourself.  Your core muscles are actually the centre of your bodies strength.  Having a strong core will give can give you a flat stomach but more importantly it will make you more powerful, it will maintain stability for exercising and all other physical activities.  The benefits of a strong core are:

  • Improve your posture and prevent low back pain
  • Helps avoid back injury
  • Improves your physical performance
  • Improves your balance

 However, if like me the thought of doing loads of sit ups fills you with dread I may have the answer for you.  I have put together some exercises that work your core muscles (abs, stomach and obliques) and may help you lose your wobble and your muffin top.  I have included a video showing you how to do these exercises and also instructions so give them a go and see how you get on.  Stand tall and keep active folks…….

Complete all exercises slowly and under complete control and in good technique at all times.  Oh and the main thing to remember during this session is to engage your core, so pull your belly button into your spine and hold that contraction.  This is NOT the same as holding your breathe you should be able to breathe and hold the contraction, I don’t want you going blue, enjoy.

 Lunge with a twist – Begin with standing with your feet shoulder width apart.  Step forward with one leg and come onto your tiptoes of your back foot and lower your knee to the floor.  With the medicine ball or the weight lift from the inside of your knee to your opposite shoulder bringing the weight across the front of the body.  Push up with your front foot and return to the starting position.  Do 10 altogether 5 each side.

Overhead Squat – Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Hold the weight or the medicine ball above your head.  Sit into the squat making sure your knees don’t shoot past your toes and keep your back strong and your stomach in tight.  To return to the starting position straighten your legs and stand up.  Keep the weight above your head at all times.  Repeat x 10.

Swiss ball Roll in – If you are a beginner to exercise the have your shins on the ball during this exercise and if you are more advanced then put your feet on the ball.  So hold yourself as if in the press up position by locking out your arms and keeping your back straight and strong, stomach nice and tight.  With your feet or shins on the ball bend your knees and roll the ball into your chest.  Straighten your legs to return to the starting position.  Repeat this 10 times.

Overhead Knee up – Standing with your feet together, hold a weight or a medicine ball above your head.  Lock the arm to hold it in place.  With the opposite leg drive up with the knee and return to the starting position.  Lift your knee up 5 times each side with the opposite arm holding the weight above your head at all times.

Double crunch – Begin lying on your back with knees bent and up off the ground at 90°, your arms should be straight up above your chest.  Lower your arms and legs down to the ground without touching the ground and pull them back in to the starting position.  If you would like a more advanced version of this exercises you can use a weight in your hands and finish with a crunch when your knees and hands come back in.  Do 10 of these.

Russian Twists – Begin seated in the half sit up position.  Keep your feet on the floor if you are a beginner and if you are more advanced take you feet off the floor and keep your balance.  With or without a weight rotate your upper body from side to side.  Try hard to keep your lower body still whilst you twist from side to side.  Do this 20 times – a twist on each side is counted as 1 rep.

Swiss ball leg raises – Begin seated on a Swiss ball then walk forward so your upper back, shoulders and head are supported by the ball.  Your knees should be bent at 90°, knees directly over your toes with your hands resting on your hips.  Transfer your weight to one leg and lift your other leg off the floor keeping it in line with your body.  Hold for a count of one and repeat on the other side.  Do 10 altogether, 5 each side.

Cable twists – Standing side on to a pole or something you can attach a resistance band to, wrap a resistance band around it so it lies in line with your chest.  With both hands grip onto the band and bring straight arms across in front of your chest so you twist your torso around.  Try to keep your hips and legs facing forward and just move your torso.  Repeat 10 times on each side.

 Plank leg lifts – Begin in the plank position, with shoulders over hands and your body in line from shoulder to feet.  Keeping your stomach fully engaged, lift your left foot off the floor slightly, keeping your hips level.  Lower your foot to the floor then repeat on the other leg.  Complete 10 of these – 5 each side.

 Lateral plank with twists –  Begin in the lateral plank position with one foot on top of the other and one elbow directly below your shoulder and keeping your body in line at all times.  With your free arm start with it straight in the air and twist to bring it under your body aiming for under your arm pit.   Return to the starting position and repeat 5 times on each side.  Keep your back straight and abs engaged at all times as this will help with your balance.

 Back extensions – A great exercise to finish with.  Lie on your front keeping your feet together and on the floor at all times.  Keep looking at the floor at all times and with your hands by the side of your head, gently lift your chest and shoulders off the floor.  Slowly lower your body to the floor.  Repeat this exercise 10 times.

If you are a beginner to exercise do this circuit once, if you are at an intermediate level to exercise do this circuit twice and if you are advanced do this circuit 3 times.  You are aiming to complete each exercise one straight after the other without a rest until you have done all 11 exercises, then you are allowed a 2 minute rest.  Try and incorporate core exercises like the ones in this programme 3 times a week into your usual training schedule.  Good luck………….


Personal Training – What’s all the fuss about?

Personal Training

 Have you ever wondered what its like to get some personal training?  If you are training for a specific event, need extra motivation or are stuck in an exercise rut personal training can be the answer for you.  Depending on their experience they will design programs and sessions around your own personal goals, give dietary advice, do specific types of training, motivate you and make your sessions fun and worthwhile.  As a personal trainer myself I really enjoy my job as I can let my clients see their own potential, its amazing how people do not realize their own ability until pushed.  I have a great time with my clients and I try to make it as fun as possible, well if I’m going to train you hard then lets do it with a smile on your face.  So if you have ever thought about personal training and want to know what goes on then read on….

 I have asked one of my Personal training clients to make a blog of her sessions and her experiences with me:

Session 1:

“I have tried various types of exercise in the past, but as the date to my civil partnership celebration approached, I realised I needed some more expert help to help me feel in better shape.  I did a series of sessions with Kelly, and although it was a bit late to make a significant improvement, it did make me feel more confident for my big day.  It also left me wondering what if I continued?  Could I actually get rid of my wobbly bits, and even tone up my belly? 

So I’ve submitted myself to the rigours of Kelly’s sessions again.  Kelly has designed a programme I can work on my own, and also comes up with different things to do with her each week. This week she got me running uphill, which is quite an achievement given my lifelong avoidance of running!  I felt a good sense of achievement in managing to complete the run, even if my face did match my pink top afterwards!  By interval training, the minute walking gave me the respite I need to continue, and the target to not need them in the future! There was also exercises on the Swiss Ball, which test my poor sense of balance to the limit, but I can feel it working!  I make the most ridiculous noises while attempting things I never thought I could do, but Kelly makes it fun and while it’s challenging, it’s not totally impossible!”

A bit of boxing

Session 2:

“Kelly has a wide range of tricks up her sleeve, which means the sessions always seem to go quickly, and there’s often something new to try.  This week, there was an emphasis on legs.  I’ve always thought my legs were reasonably strong, but that running uphill made me realise they need a bit of attention too!  So, just to make squats more difficult – and effective! – I was holding a kettle weight in the air while doing big forward squats, and then backwards.  Deceptively difficult, and one I’ll need to practice before I can actually manage it without making increasingly strange noises, and feeling it for days afterwards!  Back to working on my stomach, Kelly introduced another new exercise, stretching a band across the body, which gets those side muscles working – I like it when I can feel the right muscles working, it reminds me what this is all about!”

Session 3:

Kelly really tried to make me think this session, with the co-ordination challenge known as spotty dogs, followed by boxing to different counts – but when I’m thinking so much, it distracts me from how hard work it is! 

 We then tried peak running – when I was attempting to run longer and faster than before, but I didn’t quite manage to get up to 12, given I was running at 10 and 11 for a few minutes beforehand, and Kelly warned me there was more hard work to come! 

This included lots of steps – which started off not too bad, but soon my legs got pretty shaky!  So then there were sumo lunge, while heaving a medicine ball about, followed by arm weights, and more medicine ball action, while doing sit ups.  We finished with more arm weights, although at least I got to lie down this time!

Altogether it was another varied and challenging workout, and I’m pleased to have managed it!

Bit of fun

Session 4:

Circuits were the name of the pain this session!  Mixing up the cardio work with resistance type moves meant just as I was about to give up on one, we moved to the other!  Each set concentrated on one area, so we started with squats and lunges, interspersed with rowing – my legs certainly felt it!  It was then time to work my arms, lifting weights which felt pretty light to start with, but seemed to get heavier as I did more!  Just as my legs had about recovered, it was time to run!  We tried running faster, with slower jogs in between.  This is not something I could even have attempted a few weeks ago, and I was chuffed to find it not entirely impossible!  Running has always been one of those things I just didn’t do, but now I find myself wanting to see if I can go fast, go uphill or more – not that I’ll be running marathons any time soon, but maybe I managed to run continuously for  12 minutes the other day!

 The circuits continued with steps challenging my co-ordination to the max!  The last set combined the cross trainer with mat work working on my stomach – the Russian twists are getting easier and although my interpretation of “as fast as possible” is probably a little different to Kelly’s, I did get through the cross trainer as well. 

 Session 5:

We did various circuit type exercises, including leaping over a bench in practice for those movie chase scenes, as well as pull ups and press ups – also seen in movie scenes!  Hadn’t done any lunges in a while, and they didn’t seem as bad as I remembered!  After my legs had had just about enough, it was time for the treadmill. And still I managed to run slightly faster than before, even if it was for a very short time. But I did manage to jog and then run faster, which is one target – just need to keep going longer and not get quite so out of breath! But it is a definite improvement from earlier sessions. There was still boxing to go, and this time there were combinations that required me to think even when my brain was mush! I managed not to miss the pads and avoided inflicting too much unnecessary damage to Kelly- a certain amount is payback for all those push ups! Boxing is really satisfying, even when I’m knackered!

 Over the time I’ve been working with Kelly, I’ve noticed an improvement in my strength and there is now some definition in my arms, but had I managed to change my eating habits and get the the gym more often in between sessions, I’m sure it would have made more of an impact.  I have definitely worked harder during sessions with Kelly than I would do on my own, and I enjoy the variety and challenges that she puts me through!

 I may be biased here as I am a personal trainer, however, I really see the benefits that my clients get from my sessions.  They change in shape, they increase their strength and they increase their fitness as well normally all without them realising. 

You will be worked harder than ever

Give personal training a go I promise you will not be disappointed.  They will push you harder than you will ever train on your own, if you train harder then you will hopefully reach your goals quicker, so seriously give it a go.  Keep active folks…………..

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