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Well I did the great north run and absolutely loved it.  Ok so I was in pain from almost mile 1 , my hamstring and achilles ached the whole way round.  The atmosphere of this event is amazing, every runner supports another even if they don’t know you and the streets are lined with people suppporting you the whole way.  When I crossed the finish line I was exhausted and in pain but like every person who crossed that line on Sunday I was happy, I had done it!!!!

Me and my mum in our Great North Run outfits lol, well done mum x

I must thank the man who kept me going from mile 8 when I needed the extra motivation, he was dressed as Sponge Bob, but in the back of my mind I wasn’t going to get beat by someone dressed in square foam, so thank you!!!

But what I found is that this event, like many others, are not full of extra thin elite athletes.  They are full of normal people of all shapes and sizes striving to achieve their own goals.  So I would recommend this to anyone, it does not have to be a half marathon or even a run, just enter an event, this can be your goal, train for it and most of all enjoy it.

I did it in fancy dress for charity (as Robin out of Batman and Robin for help the heroes), my advice is make sure people from the sidelines know who you are, they know who you are there for, tell the world who you are, what we beleive in and why it matters.  Because when you hear your name being shouted by a stranger, in my case ‘Go on Robin’ , you will be reminded why you are there, even through the pain, why it seemed like a great idea 4 months ago.

We do these things to challenge ourselves, in memory of a loved one, for charity or for other special reasons.  All of these reasons and all of you people who enter these events deserve your moment to shine…… 🙂

Keep active folks and incase I have inspired you, you can enter the Great North Run 2011 ballot in January…. 🙂


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